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The Perfect Wedding Ceremony

I frequently hear from couples that they want their wedding ceremony to be "perfect" but they don't necessarily have a clear vision of their perfect ceremony. There is a lot to consider, and that's where a professional officiant comes in with suggestions, guidance and wisdom. Obviously the first decision is the type of ceremony you want. Here is a short list of some of the options:

● Civil - A civil ceremony is a ceremony that does not include any religious aspects.

● Religious- A religious ceremony can be traditional, depending on your faith, or include just a few aspects from your religion. Whether you are observant or non- observant, a religious ceremony is still an option. Spiritual- A spiritual ceremony does not subscribe to one specific religion, but rather incorporates elements from one or more religions that are more spiritual and less conforming.

● Interfaith - An interfaith ceremony blends traditions, cultures, or religious aspects to make everyone feel celebrated and included.

● Elopement - An elopement is a ceremony for couples that do not reside in the area but wish to get legally married here. In New York City, legal marriages can be performed inside venues, outside in many of New York's historic places, or at parks or public spaces. There are rules, permits, waiting periods, etc. that can make it difficult to plan from afar. An officiant can provide knowledge and guidance that will help smooth the way.

Other important ceremonial aspects to consider are content, length, mood, themed or not, readings, rituals, honoring of deceased loved ones, guest participation. I will be covering all of these in future blogs, so stay tuned!


Reverend Barbara

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