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"My husband and I were married in August of 2011. Finding an officiant was almost the last part of our planning, not because we did not care about our ceremony--on the contrary! We cared deeply about having a ceremony that embodied who we were as a couple, and while neither of us are very religious, we did want our day to be filled with meaning and spirituality. In researching officiants, we found many of the services provided to be either extremely generic or over-the-top religious. Once we found Barbara Nahmias we knew we could stop our search. She listened carefully to both our wants and needs, offered ideas and suggestions without pressure, and really took her time to get to know both my husband and me, independently and as a couple. Sure enough, she delivered exactly the ceremony we always wanted: one imbued with love, meaning, and personal moments that made the ceremony truly ours!"


"My daughterand my son-in-law will be celebrating their 4th anniversary in a few weeks. Looking back on the excitement of that day, the one thing stands out the most in my memory is the beautiful ceremony that was performed by Barbara Nahmias. Barbara was the officiant and had prepared well for this special day. Beforehand, she worked with my daughter and her husband to provide a ceremony that was meaningful to them. What she delivered was a joyous! The ceremony was warm, personal, touching, as well as spiritual. If you are looking for an officiant that will personalize your ceremony and infuse it with love and joy, look no further. Thank you, Barbara, for all your time, your caring, and a beautiful memory that I will always hold dear to my heart!"


I hope this finds you well and enjoying a beautiful fall! Dave and I are thrilled to provide a review.
Reverend Barbara was wonderful! We planned our wedding from a distance and her questions for each of us allowed her to get a true sense of our story and our hopes for our future together. The arrangements were made very easily and the service was highly personalized, thoughtfully constructed, and a truly lovely moment for both us and our family

.Thank you Reverend Barbara! We think of you and your beautiful words each year on our anniversary!"


"Barbara knows both my husband and I personally but she still asked us to complete a questionnaire to help inform the content of the wedding ceremony. I really appreciated that and how much our feedback mattered to her. It was a very personal service, simple, meaningful, with humor and it included those in attendance which was very important to us. Barbara was always easy to reach and very well prepared, calm, and reassuring the day of the wedding. I highly recommend her and have the utmost faith she will treat your vision for your own wedding with tenderness and respect."



"Barbara Nahmias officiated our wedding in January of 2012. I truly believe our wedding would not have been the same without Barbara's guidance. She walked us through the whole process with grace and precious wisdom. Barbara really captured our relationship in the service. My brother in law told us it was the best wedding he had been to and that was not because of the bells and whistles - our wedding was super low budget! It was because of the spirit and energy of the service that Barbara helped create and hold. Thank you Barbara!"



"Barbara Nahmias officiated as we renewed our vows on our 5th Wedding Anniversary. The first time around was at the Courthouse with only my parents and three of our best friends.... it was incredibly simple, which was what we wanted. But for our 5th, we wanted our family, friends, and loved ones around us. We wanted to make the day special and Barbara was our first step toward that. She spoke with us, she laughed with us, and truly seemed to understand what my husband and I have together. When it was time to marry us for the second time, her words were perfection. She captured us so perfectly. She embraced what we are together and was able to share that with everyone there. We're lucky to have had her officiate for us and look forward to having her bless us again for all the wondrous and momentous occasions down the road."



"Barbara helped make the day very special! very much would recommend her!"



"I can't say enough about the magic and wonder that Barbara Nahmias brought to our wedding! She was with us from the start, helping us envision our ceremony and offering amazing guidance. I didn't know how much work went into planning and ensuring that our wedding ceremony reflected us and our lives together. Barbara managed the process and was on us to get things to her on time so no one was stressed at the end. She achieved her goal! She suggested ideas, gave us sample readings to consider, and even shared her experience about how our bridal party should walk in and stand based on our venue set up. 

She created a love-filled environment with her calm guidance on what could have been a stressful day. Our guests raved about the beauty of the ceremony. Barbara made our wedding special and unforgettable!"



"Barbara made our wedding spectacularly special. If you are looking for a secular wedding with just the right amount of spirituality, she is your officiant! I would recommend her to everyone."  


"Rev. Barbara gave us the most meaningful, beautiful ceremony! Our family kept commenting on how she truly captured each of us and our relationship. The process of working with Rev. Barbara was thorough and stress-free. She was so flexible with everything that we did/did not want, and was extremely knowledgeable and able to provide script and suggestions for components we were unsure of. In the end, the ceremony exceeded our expectations! I would highly recommend Rev. Barbara to ANY couple - she will definitely customize a ceremony to fit your needs and style."




"Rev Barbara was very accommodating and extremely easy to work with. She created a beautiful and very personal ceremony for my wife and I. We received A LOT of compliments on how beautiful the ceremony was. We cannot recommend her enough."  



"Barbara was absolutely wonderful. She was easy to work with. She was organized, timely and open to suggestions. When the big day happened, our guests were giving us compliments on the ceremony. It was better than expected."  



"Demie and I were so lucky to find Barbara, she made our experience really special and wonderful! I would recommend her to anyone who's in need of an officiant for their wedding! Thank you so much Barbara you're great!"  



"We decided to get married spontaneously and contacted Barbara less than a week before the day we wished to get married. In all honesty, we selected Barbara because she was the person who answered and was available on such short notice. In hindsight though, I can say if we had interviewed 100 officiants Barbara would have still been our choice. She seemed to feel genuine joy for our wedding as though we were family to her and at the same time her demeanor was calm and reassuring. I just really felt instantly comfortable with her. She worked with us to get everything ready in a very short time. She basically held our hands throughout because of how clueless we were about the bureaucracy of the process. She interviewed us and created a personalized ceremony which described our relationship's journey up to that time. We selected a location standing barefoot out on rocks which jutted out from the beach. We hadn't made Barbara aware of this, and she had come in her professional clothes with her sensible heels. She kicked off her shoes like a trooper and climbed out on the rocks with us. An excellent sport. Our wedding was quite unusual I think but we really could not have had the wedding we wanted without Barbara's help."  



"Barbara was excellent. She was very thorough and easy to work with. We were extremely happy with the way our ceremony turned out."  



"Your ceremony will sound like it is being presented by a close friend of yours who knows you both well. The time and effort that Rev. Barbara Nahmias takes to get to know the participants results in a highly personalized ceremony that touches all present in a way that a ceremony that has been repeated hundreds of times cannot. What a refreshing and pleasurable experience! I am the father of the groom and the father-in-law of the bride and I am smiling."  



"Rev Barb was AWESEOME! We got married on November 6th, 2016. From the start we felt like we were in great hands. She took the time to get to know us. She asked us important questions about our relationship. She crafted a terrific ceremony for us that was exactly what we wanted. We received so many compliments on our ceremony. It would not have been the unique and special occasion if we were not lucky enough to find Rev Barb!"



"If you want a ceremony that celebrates your love and your individual selves - Rev Barbara is the person for you. Since the first conversation, she was warm and extremely helpful. She paid attention to our (very different) cultures and our (very similar) ideologies and created a ceremony that was fun, relaxed, and full of love. She was very friendly and respectful to our guests as well. I cannot recommend her enough!"


"Rev Barbara was a fabulous choice from the moment we chose her up until our ceremony was over. She is kind and warm, just what you would want from an officiant. She made my husband (love to say that!) and I feel comfortable along the process and guided us when needed. We feel like we've known her forever. She was able to make some quick changes and give us plenty of advice from our vow to our ceremony location. I would recommend to use her as your officiant! I foresee her in our future for when it's time to expand our family! Thank you for being so wonderful, Rev Barbara!"



"I was in a bit of a tough spot. I was pregnant and we wanted to do a quickie marriage for insurance reasons and then have our "wedding" in 6 months. We could have gone to the courthouse, but decided it would be best to meet the person who we would use for our actual ceremony. I spoke to 3 different officiants and when I spoke with Barbara, I knew she was who we wanted to use. Immediately, I could feel her warmth through the phone. She is thoughtful and truly cares about her work as an officiant. And, though we really wanted the first ceremony to be a quickie, no rings, and really just a paper marriage, it was my best decision yet to have Barbara, because the truth is, it was special, even if we planned to do a big event in a few months.

First, she immediately responded to my inquiry via email. Because we needed to get the insurance ASAP, she was AMAZING about being flexible and available the next week. Again, we wanted a short ceremony, we didn't even have rings at that point, she managed to make a short ceremony of vows into a special moment incorporating this beautiful hand ceremony. We had three friends there and all were amazed we had randomly found her and she wasn't recommended, each exclaimed "She was amazing." Barbara spoke to both me and my husband prior so she got to know us. And, took time to write out a ceremony, even though this wasn't the BIG wedding.
Barbara is a person cares about the couples she weds and will bring her unique voice and touch to your ceremony.


I can't wait for her to marry us in front of 200 people!"



"Finding a wedding officiant proved to be much more difficult than we could have predicted. My husband and I wanted a nondenominational, nontraditional, warm and light ceremony and when we finally found Barbara we were immediately sold. She worked with us to tailor our ceremony to fit exactly what we wanted, and it truly felt like working with someone, who has known us for years. She really understood us as a couple and as individuals and gave us plenty of options to choose from, as well as ideas for things we would not have even thought of.


Before creating the script for our ceremony, Barbara had both of us fill out a “couples questionnaire” separately – this was such a special an unique experience, as in the midst of wedding planning an stressing, my husband and I were able to take some time to reflect on all the wonderful qualities of our relationship and reasons for why we love one another. Barbara then used our responses to weave them into our ceremony, which was just so touching. All of our friends and family have been telling us how special and intimate our ceremony was, and we could not agree more.


Moreover, Barbara helped us stay on track as far as scheduling/timing, making sure everything was fully in order for the day of the ceremony. She was always prompt and thorough with email responses and phone calls, and worked with our wedding party, wedding coordinator and DJ to orchestrate the timing of the aisle procession, music, standing arrangement, etc so that everything was perfect.


We could not be more grateful to Barbara for the beautiful ceremony she created for us. Thank you, thank you, thank you!!"  

             -  Alla 

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